No Place Like Here

by The Maddigans

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) These Canucks are definitely not hosers!
Excellent set of Power-Pop/Indie footstompers from female punksters from the Great White North.
Should appeal to Pop-Punk fans & possibly some Dreampoppers?
Top Shelf Production.
Excellent Melodies and Harmonies.
Girl Power Indeed! Favorite track: Start Again.
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released March 4, 2016

We put a lot of love into this record. It was a long journey to get it made but well worth it in the end. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Dedicated to Thaddeus Lake

Written and Recorded by The Maddigans
Mixed by Anton DeLost
Tracked at Infiniti Studios in Victoria, Canada by Adam Sutherland
Additional tracking by Anton DeLost in London, UK



all rights reserved


The Maddigans Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: All Or Nothing
You're in the back of my head
And I think I heard you
Like it was yesterday
And I still remember the words you said
Because of you
I see the world in ways that I would never do
All because of you
Everything's changed
And we know
We'll never be the same

I'll take it for what it's worth
Times like these are just too short
Cause its all or nothing
All or nothing with us
Our worth is just clever words
Unless we take the action to make it work
Cause its all or nothing
All or nothing with us
Track Name: Running On Empty
I thought you wanted me
Thought you'd commit but I should have seen
You stop rewind and play your emotions
Stood in the pouring rain
On my own but you never came
Sick of your stupid games
Just take your hold off me

The next time you call me up and beg for me
To come and see you
I'll be a little bit smarter than you wanted

Now I'm running on empty
When you tell me you needed me
Said you wanted to be free
Then tell me everything we could have been
You can't make your mind up
Don't know what you want
You're messing with my head
Like I mean nothing

Make me think I'm wrong
For standing up for myself
Look in a mirror
No time to stop and be still
Let go of me for real

Its not enough even though you asked for me to stay
I just cant wait
You came a little bit later than I needed

I'll settle down some how
Cause I need it now

I don't want to wait
But I don't want this to go to waste
Track Name: Venice
I keep thinking back to the cold on my feet

How we crowded the streets

And just laughed about how they'd stop and stare

And I know it's not like me at all

To sing loud as the rain falls

Down on my face thinking there's no place like here

To make the best of the atmosphere

I picked out a postcard

But it got caught in the rain

So I left it on the dashboard

And watched it dry there for days

We headed east through the sundown

And left Venice in the rain

With a new perspective on life how we

Don't need the weather to change

It's not like me

To sing out

As it falls

Won't you take me back
Track Name: Something In The Water
5 years ago, we jumped feet first in the deep end
Without a plan we drove until our arms got tired of steering
I held on to you as we flew over to England
left house and home and now this place seems so familiar
So familiar

I was told we've got a right to take this
There must be something in the water
My minds filled up with hope
But my life contradicts what I was told

No longer hold onto my possessions
No space to call my own that's the price we paid for freedom
Lie here and float as our dreams sink in the ocean
I've been around the world now the sites seem so familiar
So familiar

It's all coming together now
While my dreams repeat with me sinking in the deep end
It's all coming together now
Cause my conscience thinks I'm afraid of this and
All I have is my honest mistakes
As I hold on and I recount my faith to sing
Track Name: Start Again
I'm trying to find my own space

While avoiding this place on the ground

My pride is receding at pace

But I'm fucked if I let it go now

All these differences, between me and them
Should have known all along,
Needed distance when, you were in my head
Telling me that I'm wrong, now I'm gone

But I've still got time, to start planting what I'll grow.

I can't complain I do it to myself 
I'm not the same as you used to know
I'll change my name just so I can start again
I'll start again just wait

Screaming, nowhere to go, nothing to show, I'm a ghost,
brighten both of my eyes cause diamonds don't cut on their own

All these differences, between me and them
Should have known all along,
Needed distance when, you were in my head
Telling me that I'm wrong, now I'm gone

(Take me for a fool with)

Take me for a fool with everything you know, everything.
Caught up in your world, guess I should have known

I've been walking for days and its hard to see this half full when I'm thirsty
I dream of the rain that it will wash me away, so I can rest my feet.
I'm sick and tired of being, (of being) sick
Track Name: Some People Just Don't Get It
I know it's not that easy
When you lose track of where you've been
I took it day in and day out
It's the kind of life I live
It was wearing at my soul
And I won't try to justify
Anything at all

All of my friends who hang this over my head
I'm coming back from the dead
Its not over, not over
All of my friends who understand where I've been
There's not more wearing me thin
It's not over, not over

Blame me like you should
But one day we'll go brag without you
It's taken a life time
To get all of this right
I checked all my blind sides
Now I'm heading through

Who said it was easy
To put back all these pieces
When I've been gone for way too long
Track Name: One And The Same
Forget your problems
I hope you solve them
Cause friends like these don't come around often enough
We're all prone to fucking up
Don't make me call your bluff
Cause I won't resign my intuition
That is always listening
Is it obvious
There's a monster in all of us
Hoping you don't fall in love and get your head stuck

Try to take you for your word
And trust in everything you've heard
But you barely make sense

Start thinking of what you've got
Cause you could have everything that you want
But you go and burn that bridge
Don't care what you did
Leave your mistakes back home
With all your ghosts

Footsteps behind us
They track our progress
Give us a reason to keep on moving on
I keep on moving on
It gets me through my inhibitions
That effects the state I'm in
State I'm in
In the audience
There's a wonder in all of us
Hoping you could be the one to change all our luck

Don't take this the wrong way
We're one in the same we all have those days
If you're ready for change we'll know this August
We're one in the same so let's be honest
It's a little cliché how much we want this
But we're one in the same
Track Name: 42 Days
I've been waiting just waiting for you to call me back
Call me impatient
Call me anything at all

I'm just laying in my bed wishing it was yours
Can't seem to shake this
I can't take it any more

I'm trying hard to think
Without your hands all over me
Is it any wonder why we're in love
Is it any wonder why I'm so lost

Without you here
I've been wasting away
42 days since I saw your face
I need you near
To me
Cause without you I just can't breath

We've been staying up late every night to get the most
Out of these time zones
And the distance we have flown

I've been making my bed up for two
Your side is empty and I can't sleep
I guess I never knew

How hard it is to think
Without your hands all over me
Is it any wonder we're in love
Is it any wonder why I'm so lost
Track Name: A Little Bit Of Distance
Wrote her a letter and you post it
Told her baby don't get upset
It's just a little bit of distance
You were home before she noticed

Waking up to your play-list
Your favourite songs at our finger tips
The drive to work every day was bliss
You saved me from every bus I'd miss
How I needed it

I see you there like it's reality
And I don't care
Living in this fantasy of what we share
Everyday the memories go on and on and on

I shaved your head in the bathroom sink
If you asked I'd do anything
You always managed to make us drink
We'd ride the bus til we fell asleep
Now that's what we need.

Don't know
Don't know what you've got til it's gone
It took so long, took so long just to write you this song
I can hear your piano playing along, along, along, along

We think about it
If you asked I'd do anything
We think about it
And ride the bus til we fell asleep
We think about it